Book Boss: Responsible for the written response of a single document or proposal volume (i.e., technical, past performance, management, quality control volume). Serves as lead owner of the section/volume and is required to facilitate the collection of written information, incorporating the information into its final format. Communicates directly with authors to ensure all information is captured and finalized for the assigned volume. Performs a quality check prior to submitting final document.

Capture Manager: Tracks the business opportunity, studies the commercial, state, local, or federal goverment requirements, and understands the customer’s real issues. Cultivates the findings and transitions information into the proposal development process. Involved in analysis of the competition, tracks the opportunity, or potential business. Develops proposal plan and key proposal sections (i.e., quality plan, transition plan, and management plan). Involved in developing win themes, proposed technical solution, pricing information, and working alongside the proposal manager(s), pricing manager(s), and other contributors. Works with contracts manager to finalize teaming agreements; leads the team during the proposal development period; reviews and analyzes the solicitation; consults with the team to refine the win strategy; approves information for kick-off and data call packages; approves all technical and pricing information/responses; and approves the final proposal.

Desktop Publisher: Provides professional publishing/document formatting support using COTS software. Develops all templates and shells based on specific requirements; incorporates all written responses into the master file; monitors file configuration; finalizes all electronic files and ensures formatting is compliant with solicitation; conducts a quality check of all electronic files; scan files for viruses; prepares compact disc (CD) for submission; and confirms all electronic files open properly on each CD. 

Editor: Ensures a clear and concise message is communicated in written text and graphic illustration in a document or proposal section; corrects all grammatical and spelling issues; and edits written text to convey “one voice.” 

Graphic Artist: Conceptualizes and designs graphic illustrations for complex documents, white papers, proposals, oral presentations, and marketing collateral. Develops the color scheme for the entire document or proposal package. Designs cover, spine, back for all volumes. Works alongside proposal manager and capture manager to ensure the proposed solution resonates through the illustrative graphics.

Orals Coach: Advises on presentation techniques; coaches delivery of the message; instructs presenters on proper posture and vocal presentation. Assists with the development of the script; and advises graphic illustration. Serves as facilitator for all rehearsals. Assist with the final development of the presentation (PowerPoint).

Pricing Manager: Works in partnership with the capture manager and proposal manager; reviews and analyzes the solicitation; manages all requirements associated with pricing; coordinates subcontractor pricing data call and responses; prepares final pricing; and participates in all pricing reviews. 

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Proposal Coordinator: Supports the proposal manager, proposal director, and capture manager throughout the entire proposal process. Develops proposal templates and data call requirements for the proposal kickoff package. Prepares and monitors the production schedule, team roster, email distribution list, and all meeting invitations. Tracks status of data call responses and proposal input from all team members. Supports the final production, printing, and assembly of proposal volumes. 

Proposal Manager: Works in partnership with the capture manager; manages the entire proposal team and the process; reviews and analyzes the solicitation; determines the requirements for the proposal kick-off package; provides direction to all team members; leads all proposal meetings and reviews; reviews all written contributions and data call responses for completeness and compliance; manages all color reviews; maintains open communication with the capture manager; reports any issues that may affect the submission of the bid; assesses the contributions to the proposal through final production, assembly, packaging, and submission; participates in the final quality check; and ensures proposal is delivered on time. Leads any post-submission activities such as: lessons learned discussions; clarification response; and final proposal revisions. Ensure customer receives final files.

Proposal Reviewer: Reviews the draft proposal for compliance and strength. Offers the proposal team recommendations for improvement and approach to mitigate any potential risk. Reviewer is independent of the written section assigned to review. 

Resume Specialist: Customizes resumes to align with solicitation requirements. Recommends best approach to expressing a candidates qualifications. Contacts candidate to conduct phone interviews to acquire additional information for updating the resume. Finalizes all resumes required for proposal submission in accordance with the solicitation requirements. 

SharePoint Developer: Develops a collaborative environment via SharePoint to provide lists and tools that allow business development professionals access to the resources to efficiently and effectively build past performance, graphics, document libraries, and other reusable content. 

Subject Matter Expert: Provides expert advice and specialized knowledge in support of client solicitation and business requirements. Serve as technical advisor, price advisor or consultant for staffing, business development, administrative, acquisition, documentation, marketing & communications, security and law enforcement services. Provides writing, review, or professional support for various applications or subjects.

Technical Writer: Works with the capture manager, proposal manager, and SMEs to develop written sections of the proposal. Has skills to support writing requirements for white papers, capability briefs or complex documents. Ensures written response is concise and clear. Assists with identifying areas of non-responsiveness to the requirements. Performs desktop publishing to ensure adherence to  formatting requirements.  

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