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Virtual Services
As technology improves, the ability for doing business anywhere in the world increases, which  enhances the chance of getting work done in a timely manner, resulting in an increase in productivity.

Whether it is business via telecom conferencing, video conferencing, webinars or a virtual office, MiJoi professionals are able to accomplish more in a work day without having to travel. Our virtual (remote) capabilities allow flexibility among our team of professionals. We are able to perform our services effectively as if we were on site with the client. The virtual way of doing business has become very popular. Our virtual professionals are able to accomplish more in a day than the on-site professional. Travel time in a car is converted to more time focused on clients' projects and proposals. 

Many forward-thinking employers capitalize on the new technologies and contract MiJoi professionals to augment their current capabilities. 
Some business owners still ponder over 
their need to have on-site support. 
MiJoi continues to change the mindset 
of many owners by our approach to 
accomplish and complete all tasks in an 
efficient and cost-effective manner, 
whether virtual or on site. 

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Full-Service Proposal Management 
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Virtual Choices
Partnering with your
 organization to 
enhance your capabilities
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Law Enforcement & Security Services

Seeking a unique approach to your security solution? 

Consider 20+ years of  law enforcement experience when contracting MiJoi for your next security-focused proposal strategy session.
  • Virtual Office
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Increased Productivity
  • Contributor to Success
  • Treated as a Professional
  • Opinion and Ideas Valued
  • More Time with Family
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