Unfortunately, in today’s society serious threats to businesses are a fact of life, and businesses must rely on their security vendors to provide a fully functioning security system to protect their corporate assets, information, and people. MiJoi and Associates, Inc. (MiJoi) understands this critical need and is positioned to help you develop and propose effective solutions.

Our law enforcement professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the areas of investigation, surveillance, forensic, management, and training. They are well-versed in unique practices, often overlooked in the design of security implementation, that can improve the capability to identify and deter criminal behaviors. 

With this insight, our SMEs can help you tailor an innovative approach that augments standard security practices and improves their effectiveness. MiJoi’s SMEs will work with your staff and our virtual and on-site proposal professionals to help you to proactively start planning and developing your next bid for new business. Our SMEs are also available to support contract work.

We work in partnership with you to develop solutions that enhance the quality and effectiveness of the services you provide, so please consider engaging MiJoi to start planning your approach to offer a unique solution for your federal or commercial customer’s next solicitation requirements.

MiJoi offers strategies to realize the most effective use of a security system based on the lessons our SMEs have learned through their many years of experience in the security domain. Our SMEs possess the knowledge and skills to investigate and solve major crimes, including security breaches, and this insight, combined with our established proposal process, can help you distinguish your solution from the competition’s.
MiJoi's SMEs and Proposal Professionals develop effective, high
quality solutions to meet your customer’s security challenges. 
Partnering with your
 organization to 
enhance your capabilities
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MiJoi offers the insight required to provide a complete solution. Our law enforcement SMEs and proposal professionals are available to help you develop effective solutions for:

Investigative services for blue/white collar crimes, fraud, theft, robbery, evidence collection, polygraph services, studies and analysis of evidence and information, problem and resolution techniques, interview techniques, and trial preparation.

Intrusion control, study and analysis for strategic placement of CCTV systems, site surveys, surveillance and covert surveillance, and retrieval, review and forensic analysis of surveillance video.

Digital forensics, digital media collection, forensic computer examination, physical and electronic evidence collection.

Program oversight, review, requirements analysis, customer relations, project planning, documentation, and reporting.

Fire arms, self defense, defensive driving, surveillance, hostage negotiations, investigative and interviewing techniques. Training available in all of the above categories. Contact MiJoi's professional team to learn about our training services.
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