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The Value in Using MiJoi Professionals  
​When MiJoi clients procure our services, they do not have to worry about the cost of benefits, management, logistics, recruitment, training, burn-out, and other matters of concern associated with hiring employees. 

MiJoi professionals and subject matter experts (SMEs) are contracted for a specific period of performance to provide specialized services that complement client resources. Our affordable rates allow for clients to select from a vast array of expertise required to meet their needs. Contracting MiJoi professionals and SMEs to support unique requirements in a virtual setting (or on site) opposed to a new hire, offers our clients many options that result in cost savings. 

Although the hourly rate to compensate our professionals may exceed the hourly rate that a customer pays for a permanent employee, the ultimate cost of a permanent employee far exceeds the cost of doing business with MiJoi. 

Contracting MiJoi services and support eliminates the customer's need to budget for expenses associated with maintaining a permanent employee. When you assess the real cost associated with hiring, you start to realize that the alternative (contracting with MiJoi) makes sense.  

The expenses incurred when clients employ experienced full-time proposal professionals usually include the following for each new hire: 

  • Competitive Salary ($100K to $175K)
  • Benefits and Incentive (vacation and sick leave, insurance, tuition reimbursement, bonuses, retirement plan, and more); 
  • Management (your manager will be required to oversee the tasks assigned to the permanent staff, time and attendance, and any performance issues);
  • Logistics (office space, utility, equipment, supplies, and equipment/software troubleshooting or repair costs); 
  • Recruitment (discovering your new hire cannot meet the demands of the job and now you’re recruiting again); 
  • Training (the time it takes to get a person acclimated to your corporate processes, method of doing business, understanding of the task assigned, and culture); 
  • Burn-out (too many proposal activities required by the same personnel in a short period of time; non-traditional work hours); and
  • Other Concerns (personality conflicts, ethical matters, and commitment). 

Consider a MiJoi professional opposed to a new hire to support your next assignment. Contact MiJoi today and learn more about how we can tailor services that meet your business needs.
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