The Retainer Services contract includes Editor and Desktop Publisher support for proposals, contract deliverables, and other corporate materials. 
Virtual Retainer Services
BD and Proposal Retainer Services
MiJoi continues to improve its service level for your business needs. We offer an additional way to procure BD and proposal services that will expedite your proposal development process, supplement your current staffing needs, while lowering your cost for pursuing new business. 

MiJoi offers proposal services at an hourly rate based on the services requested. MiJoi has succeeded in reducing our customer’s cost by providing proposal professionals at a cost that is approximately 20% or more less than our competition without compromising the quality of service. 

Since October 1, 2009, MiJoi has offered virtual proposal support under a Retainer Services contract which provides further savings for our customers. The Retainer Services include a package of continuous professional proposal services for one flat fee, opposed to hourly billed services for a limited period. The cost of MiJoi Retainer Services is less than what you traditionally pay for two or three full-time employees (salary, benefits, retirement, overhead expenses, etc.) to perform professional proposal tasks during a quarter. 

Our Retainer Services include virtual editing and desktop publishing support. These services are available for proposals and any corporate-related documents. 

Virtual Services:
  • Editor - Edits copy to ensure clear and concise communication of written information; addresses redundancy; and performs minor re-write of copy (if necessary). Works in partnership with the client's SMEs to refine content.
  • Desktop Publisher - Performs advanced word processing, desktop publishing tasks. Develops proposal templates (to be used by proposal writers); formats all proposal volumes and corporate-related documents; inputs written content provided by writers; maintains version control of all files; and prepares files for review and post review; and conducts final production for all electronic files.  

Upon request, the following are available:
  • Data Call Packets - customized data call documents or request for information to be released to team members. 
  • Proposal Kick-Off Materials - kick-off presentation, compliance matrix, proposal response templates, resume template, past performance template, production schedule, and team roster.
  • Review Materials - draft proposal or corporate-related documents for color reviews, reviewer instructions, and reviewer evaluation form.

To complement the Retainer Services, MiJoi offers a discount for any additional proposal resources requested, to include: a) Proposal Management, b) Book Boss Management, c) Technical Writing, d) Reviewer Services, e) Graphic Design, f) Presentation Development, g) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and h) on-site support. If you have a signed Retainer Services contract, the cost for any of the additional services (a thru h) will be discounted. Contact for more information. 

Retainer Contract Options:
Our Retainer Services include Desktop Publishing, Editing and Administrative Services:​
  • 1) Option A: Virtual Retainer Services (Unlimited Hours).
  • 2) Option B: Limited Virtual Retainer Services (up to 90 hours). 
  • 3) Option C: Limited Virtual Retainer Services (up to 40 hours).
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