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MiJoi and Associates, Inc. (MiJoi) provides comprehensive and innovative Marketing and Communications services that include the development, implementation, and management of websites, ads, exhibits, billboards, video presentations, and strategic marketing plans that are customized and tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our graphic artists and marketing gurus reach beyond the realm of mere curiosity to explore creative and innovative solutions. 

BUSINESS & MARKETING PLANS - Our marketing specialists build customized business and marketing plans to meet customer needs. We conduct a market analysis to identify your target segment and establish a competitive edge. Our team will document and compartmentalize your mission  and track pre-determined milestones to ensure you achieve your organization's business and marketing objectives.

BRANDING & MESSAGING - We develop logos, email and printed newsletters, press releases, ads, brochures, billboards, promotional items, exhibits, direct mail, and more to keep customers coming back for more! Ask us about using websites and social media to expand your networking capabilities and grow your business!

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Experienced public relations professionals design media kits; manage issue advocacy and/or advertising campaigns (including print, audio, video, and online); write, schedule, and disseminate press releases; and promote meetings and events. 

STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS - Communications professionals provide a variety of strategic communications planning, messaging, material development, and social networking support. Our team will provide document development and editing for business manuals, policies, procedures, and more. We also prepare both internal and external communications via email templates, SharePoint collaboration sites, website, and more!
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